Recommendations for winter camping

Camping Madulain makes wonderful winter camping possible! The entire campground is cleared of snow and makes it easily accessible. In order to enjoy carefree winter camping, it is however worth to respect a few things:

1. Guests with diesel vehicles, should plan their fuel reserve the way that they arrive in the Engadine with a nearly empty fuel tank, and then fill it up here in the Engadine. The diesel fuel which is sold during winter time in the engadine contains additives that allows operation down to -30ºC.

The engine oil which allows easy starting at all times, should have a viscosity of below 5 (eg motor oil 0-40, 5-40).

3. The antifreeze in the cooling water should be enough for operation to min. -30 º C.

4. Please make sure that the
gas LPG is pure propane gas. Butane gas doesn't evaporate anymore at temperatures below 0 º C. In Switzerland there are no problems in this regard (Where it says propane, there is also 100% propane). In other countries, however, the butane gas is often mixed into propane gas, which then remains in the tank or in the bottle at low temperatures.

5. It is strongly
recommended to bring a small electric fan heater with you, so in the case of a problem with the gas heater, an alternative heat source is available.

For vehicles with external and / or unheated water / waste water tanks the guests should use fresh water cans and water buckets for waste water (with some anti-freeze).

During the winter months winter equipment is essential!

Here is an overview (conditions & maps) on slopes, ski trails and winter hiking trails: (Click here!)